⏱ Stopwatch in Glide Apps

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Hi all,

Stopwatch is not longer supported in Glide Apps.
The main reason is that it wasn’t used much so far :

We don’t see a lot of projects using it, so we didn’t put it on our shortlist for conversion.

Why is that?
Is it due to a lack of use cases ?
Apps that I use everyday have one :

  • Sport coaching apps use it to time bound exercices.
  • Games or Quizzes use it to measure the performance finishing a level.
    I could find more than 6k shots on Dribbble with timers.

I believe that the current Stopwatch is just not very practical :

  • too large
  • too complexe

I had to customise it a lot to make it fit in my todo app (screenshots below).
I simply used it as a timer.

What do you think?

I agree with @Xavier_Delplanque - Stopwatch (or even a simple countdown timer) is a must for quiz apps and training apps. My second most popular template is a quiz template and it would be too bad if that component was gone forever. Please consider bringing it back. Thank you! :stopwatch::raised_hands:


A timer component makes a lot of sense. We’ll add it to the list. Merci Xavier!


Merci à toi :+1:

Hi - I’m wondering if this feature has been added back? I’m not seeing it. I was hoping to add a countdown timer to our upcoming event.

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Please bring back stopwatch thanks