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Hi Gliders, I am creating an app that allows the users to edit the data in the app. The changes are reflected in the google sheets and it takes a while before the changes in the affected variables can be seen. Is there a way that I can add a countdown timer to a specific time for refreshing? This ensures that the user can pull the updated data on each refresh.

So you want a timer to show between the time when the user finished editing the data, and when the data finished syncing back to the app?


I’m not sure how well a timer could work (or how you could even make it work as the value has to come from somewhere, likely the sheet, and the update times are too slow) , however you could use another column to hold a validation function that only turns true once all submitted fields are populated with valid data. You could base the visibility of the components showing the newly entered data on this value.

If I am understanding your end goal.

Like Chris said above, I don’t think a timer would work as well. Might try the method Chris proposed and add in a “loading” image that would only be visible when it’s considered to be in a “calculation” period.

I have the same issue. Would like to put a flashing message or image up that says “hang on, system updating.” Would be for 3-4 seconds. Any ideas appreciated. Thank you

Hola @gp9293,

You could do this with a button. It depends on how your flow goes.

Without much context, I’d say. If you have a cell that will be filled up when the information is update, I would have a button with the “message” that only appears when that cell is empty.

When the info is updated and the cell”is not empty” the message button disappears.

I hope this helps.

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I have something like this now. Problem is that Glide takes 3-4 seconds to update so I want to delay the next steps from appearing (or get the user to wait a few seconds) before going to the next step.

I see.

How about setting a column with the timestamp. Then make a math column that add the few seconds that you want then create an ITE if “math column” is after “now” “show” Else “no show”.?

Just allow the user to do what they need to do when the condition is met.

I have not tested this, so it may not work but it’s an idea.

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Will try. Thank you

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