Show filter dropdown - dates - not working

My filter is a date. I’ve tried many things but can’t get the filter to show the dates in order. Tried all date formats, Short - Long and Luxon… looks like its looking at it as a text. I’ve sorted the tab and the collection by date and the Group also works and sorts correctly… but the filter still not working, any suggestions?

Yes, correct.

If you want them to sort as you would expect, then you should use a format that will sort naturally as a string. eg. yyyy-mm-dd


do you have any link to the possible luxon codes to switch the date format?

yyyy-MM-dd should do it.

Just be aware that the Format Date plugin has been known to give inconsistent results. Personally, I don’t use it.

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Thank you
We have been depending a lot on it since December for dates. Haven’t experienced any issues.
Good to know it has had some issues, will definitely try to go around it or keep an open eye

It seems to work perfectly fine for most people most of the time. And even all of the time for some. But I’ve had issues with it in the past, so I don’t trust it. Actually I don’t think it’s the plugin itself, but rather the Luxon library that is a bit buggy.

Below is a previous rant I had about it :slightly_smiling_face:


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