Time Format

The other thing you need to do is test it at different times of the year.

Early on, when I was trying to use it, I found that it would sometimes get the day and month mixed up, but only under certain circumstances, and only if the date was ambiguous.

For example, today is September 25th.
In the US, they write that as 9/25/2022.
In the real world, we write it as 25/9/2022.
But either way, it’s obvious that it’s September 25. It can’t be anything else, because there is no 25th month.

But, let’s say today was September 7th.
In the US it would be 9/7/2022, and for (most of) the rest of us it would be 7/9/2022.
So is it September 7th, or July 9th?
Who knows? :man_shrugging:

And that’s where the Format Date plugin seemed to be the most unreliable. But not always. Just sometimes. And it seemed to be worse on IOS than it was on Android. And it also seemed to depend on the users device regional settings.

I was using it in one App and it worked perfectly fine for maybe a month or two. And then one day it just stopped working for no apparent reason. I spent ages trying to debug it and figure out what was going on and in the end I just gave up. One day it would work, and the next day it wouldn’t.

Maybe all that’s been fixed now, but I don’t really care. I can do anything I need to with dates using native computed columns, so I don’t need any dodgy date plugins.