Luxon date bug / issue

I’m placing today luxon formatted date value in a date column. Then when relating that column to rows one user get rows with a tomorrow date falling “within” today date ! Other users didn’t get this.

I’ve heard that Luxon causes some issues, could this be one? How can Mar 27 be within a Mar 26 luxon date?

Where are you storing your data? Do you have an option to make the date column “respect time zones”?

Yes i do have that option
I’m storing the date as a user specific column in the user profile sheet.

its really a search date. User selects a date and views orders on that date.
For one particular user they are viewing orders on that date and the next day.

I would advise using a math column to convert the date to a numerical value.

YEAR(D) * 10000 + MONTH(D) * 100 + DAY(D)

With D being the date would give you something like 20230307.

Then you can use that value to filter/make a relation etc, I think it’s much more safer than Luxon, which can act weird in some devices.

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To be honest Luxon has been fine with us up until yesterday. I just realized the UK changed time zone yesterday… the user experiencing the issue was from London. I guess its change in time zone related

Will look into using math rather than Luxon.

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