Show 'Add To Home Screen' CTA in Instagram's Embedded Browser View

If I put the link to my Glide app in my Instagram bio, for example, when the app’s opened the “Tap [icon] then ‘Add to Home Screen’” message isn’t displayed. If I then open the same page in Safari, the message is there.


I think it’s pretty important to show the message in embedded views, considering the impact that viewing an app in the browser view has on user experience.


Twitter’s embedded browser view does recognise the context correctly and shows the call to action.

Only Chrome on Android and Safari on IOS support PWA apps and the ability to add to home screen. Embedded browsers do not have the same permissions as native browsers to install a PWA as an app on an OS. Is Twitter actually using an embedded browser, or is it opening Safari?

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It’s looks like it’s embedded (twitter account with link in bio).


But yes, I don’t see the option to add to home screen which I tap the box w. arrow icon in the embedded view for Instagram or Twitter.

Interesting. I don’t use IOS or Twitter so I can’t double check. But I think in most cases, it’s up to the social media apps to have embedded browsers that support PWA’s or redirect them to their native browser. I don’t think Glide had any control over this.