User-friendly install practices from in app (embedded) browsers

Dear Gliders and experts, and especially Glide CEO,

Assuming that my app would get lots of visits from social apps (facebook, instagram etc) and their embedded browsers wouldn’t let my potential blondie users save glide app to their mobile home screens…

…What are “the best practices” and most user-friendly ways that you came to?

I have searched through the community forum and read half a thousand posts in almost hundred topics where people asked quite the same in different words - and I didn’t find any good answers except for user guidance/instructions or sending complains to vendors :slight_smile:

So, is there a way in Glideapps and how to:

  1. Detect that my app was loaded in an embedded browser (to initiate “install guidance”)?

  2. Provide a link or script (for a button or img or reach/action text) that would do or suggest/offer a user open it in native browser (safari/chrome)?

  3. Detect that app was loaded in native browser (safari/chrome) to force or at least show guidance/instructions for user to Add app to home screen (through visibility or other condition) apart from those provided in browser itself

  4. Detect that app was loaded as a PWA from home screen (to avoid all those guiding steps and show core app functionality)?

That’s the scenario a came to after all readings, but if you have realized any better please respond here

And, with all respest to the community and creators, please propose instead of wasting time with this “I am afraid the PWA install mechanic can’t be changed by Glide, as it is device / OS specific” :slight_smile:

Thank you!


sample for action on point 2

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@david hello and apologies for disturbing, can I draw your attention to this topic here please

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I’d like to double down on this, no matter how many apps I do I have to spend significant time assuring people actually know how to install it, creating long tutorials, and requesting what phone they use for that, it’s super annoying.

I’d also love to be able to tell if the app is already installed (placed on home screen webapp) it’s such a bad user experience I’m currently using.

At least glide should produce a GENERIC video explaining that we could use in the app.

This is just the preparations I have to do for all my apps:

I direct my users to this :point_down:

Seems to work okay most of the time :slight_smile:


I’m aware of this, and I usually choose not to include this. Should they create a template in after effects of inserting our own app designs it would be good but this is always a major issue. I know this after plenty of real-life user tests. Always makes my apps look unprofessional (user comments).

What makes your app look unprofessional?