Setting up arrays for open business during Covid-19

Hey, I’ve been working on an app that has all of the up to date information on business around my county.
I started a new app because I’m trying to make it a bit more complex by adding multiple towns in the county, each with their own list of categories and each category with a list of items. whew… that’s a lot. My current app has about 600 users and its still growing. I just want to make it more useful for other towns in the area. Below is what I’m trying to accomplish with the app:

  1. Counties [Home]
  • Lamoille C
  • San Juan C
  1. [Click San Juan]
  • Donation section
  • San Juan Island
  • Lopez Island
  • Orcas Island
  1. [Click Orcas Island]
    – categories –
  • grocery
  • utility
  • restaurant
  • coffee
  1. [click on a category and see all related items]
  • restaurant 1
  • restaurant 2

    I’m new to the community so any advice is much appreciated!

oops here is the link: APP

Have you watched this yet?

Seems like if you just setup a sheet that has a column with a list of cities, make that a seperate tab, then for the restaurants make a column for what city they are in, then you should be able to do inline lists to display what restaurants are in which city.

Hope that helps.


I checked that out but I still don’t understand how I can filter them further when I have each town’s businesses in a separate sheet. I tried linking to separate sheets but when I create the list I can only select New Column or New Column A.

Copy Jeff’s app to yours and take a look at how he did it. He does exactly what you’re talking about.

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Putting similar data in one sheet would be a whole lot easier and make the app much simpler and easily allow for growth and maintenance. If you have 100 towns in your app, you would have 100 sheets and you would have to go into the builder each time you want to add a new town. This would require a new relation to the new sheet and a new inline list for each town. Also since it’s a new sheet, you would have to design the layout for each sheet instead of doing it once with a common shared sheet.

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