"Scheduled" posts - updated daily

I am working on a system where the app creator can ‘schedule’ posts ahead of time.

Here is the link: https://vyqrm.glideapp.io
(You can copy the sheet)


In the “Schedule” tab, I have several simple posts for the past and present and future.

In the “Latest” tab I have ONE LINE with a couple of formulas:

A2 - Grab the closest date to TODAY - including TODAY) - If it is NOT today, it will find the closest past date


B2 - Grab the rest of the row that matches the closest day (populates B-C-D from Schedule)


In the APP

I have a Details layout with the ONE line info for the “Latest” tab

I also have a list of the PAST posts by with a FILTER that makes sure the DATE is BEFORE today.

(So NO FUTURE posts appear)

Then as each day turns, the “Latest” tab looks to see if TODAY’s date matches any in the “Schedule” sheet.

If it does, it puts the new current post at the top of the app, AND moves the previous post to the “Previous Thoughts” part of the page.


Cool concept, amazing what you can do with a sheet and a bit of spreadsheet magic, well done

What do you mean you can “copy the sheet”. How? The only link in your post is the app and it is not set to be a template.

Weird - I had it set to share then it reverted back … try again


fixed now I belive

No worries I have had the same thing happen to me on more than one occasion. I found that as soon as I set the flag, if I close the app and then go back into it, it seems to stay set.

Just wondering, but couldn’t the conditional visibility of the date field be used to accomplish all of this? Basically set it as equal to today, then another tab with it less than today, then another tab with all?

Only reason I ask is that the formulas may not update as quickly if the app is not a Pro app and sheet updates don’t happen unless edits are made. Using the Glide editor as much as possible would make sure this process happens even for free apps. Just a thought! Love the formulas and breakdown though. Well done!

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hmmmmm, now you have made me think… (I like to do that)

Let me play around with this … BRB

I wanted to have the LATEST as the big one on the front page. BUT, sometimes the posts may not happen EVERYday.

With the formulas the way they are, it always has the LATEST as the big headline, until a new post comes along.

So the formula finds the closest day to today. (even if the post is NOT today)

Not sure how to do that through the visibility (though I am open to learning)

Ahh okay that makes sense. You’re right, I’m not sure how to accomplish this with visibility, unless you have a formula that returns TRUE for the latest entry (sorted by submission date) and then use that for the visibility setting.