Display Current Day of Week

Hi, I’m trying to do something which I think is probably fairly straightforward, but I must be missing something.

I want to simply display the current day of the week at the top of my Detail/home screen, like this:

Screenshot 2020-09-12 at 10.39.00

The relevant columns of my Google Sheet are set up like this [EDIT - the community will only let me post one attachment so I’ll add in a reply if possible]

The GlideDate column is formatted as a date in Google Sheets (I’ve tried YYYY-MM-DD, DD/MM/YYYY and MM/DD/YYYY), and the column is configured as a date column in the Glide data settings.

I’m using a text component with a condition “Show component when GlideDate is within today”.

The result is that the component just doesn’t show. When I remove the condition, it just shows the first row content (Thursday).

Any pointers appreciated!

Column setup:

I think you can just have a separate sheet like this for two values, it will be updated every day.



Then display them in 2 separate text components and format accordingly.

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Thanks for the speedy reply! I actually tried something like this, but this requires background refresh I think? I know this is available on the Pro Plan, but at the moment this is an early proof of concept :smiley:

I don’t currently understand why my approach doesn’t work - it’s fine if it doesn’t, but I’m just trying to get my head around how everything works so it would be good to know why it is that it doesn’t in this case.

Yes, if you want the date to change without any input from the user, then you’ll need background refresh or else the date (and app) will only update when something in the sheet changes.

See my post below for how to build a refresh button into the app for this very purpose. It would only show for the first user each day (until the day matches “today” ).

Got it, I have it set up like this:

My new ‘DateToday’ column just has a =Today() formula in the first cell. Hard to test as I’ve already refreshed the Google Sheet today, but I think I’ve understood your solution correctly.

I also found that my original approach actually works if I swap the ‘Text’ component for an ‘Inline List’ … which I think leads me to understand why it didn’t work. Is it the case that if you have a text component on a tab that doesn’t itself have a filter applied (for the whole tab), then the Text component will only ever look at the first row of data?

Yes I think so!

Thanks for all the help!