Display record based on current date

Hi, I need some help:

I have date field in the spreadsheet. I want to display the records based on current date.

First, I want to know the correct data format in the spreadsheet. Currently I am formatting yyy-mm-dd. Is this okay?

Second, i want to display the record (of spreadsheet) where date field equals to current date. There ia a filter available on the Date field, but I want to know the command for Current Date.

Help is appreviated

Try changing the format of the column in Google sheets to a date. This might help glide to recognize it as a date column. Then you should get the option to use the filter to compare the date column to Today or Now.

Hi Jeff thanks. I made the changes. I could not make it to work.I have selected the date field is Today, Now, Today(), Now() in Components/Features/Filter, but it always displays the first record.

Then I put the condition the filter in Google Spreadsheet to display data today. It works and shows only one record.

Even if I leave this condition the glideapps is picking up the first record and not reading the filter.


It’s hard to say without screenshots or a copy of the spreadsheet. Here’s a few things to check.

  • Did you set the entire column to a date column, or just one cell in the sheet?
  • Is your filter using Date 'Is Within" Today?
  • Is every date in your sheet formatted properly? I only ask because in your first screenshot, you have a date with dashes, then the the rest of the dates do not have dashes.
  • What exactly did you put in your sheet for a condition?
  • Are you using a relation to get records? Is it a Single vs Multiple relation?