How to filter to list products of today date

Have two sheets categories and product list.

In my home tab,one choice component to select,what’s new, clothing, favourite

1.whatsnew - displays products which are newly added i.e today

Assuming that your Product table has a “Date Added” column, then all you need is an if-then-else column:

  • If Product Added Date is within Today, then true

Then you can use that if-then-else column as a filter.

You could also apply “is within today” directly as a filter to an inline list, but I find it good practice to use an if-then-else column, as invariably you’ll come back later and want to include additional conditions. And having lots of filtering conditions on list components can become cumbersome.


If I’m not have tedious add on,can I use the filter thing.And more often I won’t change the app functionality for the next one year.i need confirmation from you whether this filter thing works same as what you have preferred.

Created date added column as text to display date.
Create if then else column,in cases gave
If dateadded
is today
Then true

Else false

But I’m not getting the desired result.

Date status column showing all the list as empty check boxes.

I’m not getting the within option in if then else cases

Could I see a screenshot of your data columns please? (from the Glide Data Editor)

That suggests to me that your date column isn’t actually a date/time column. Did you create it in Glide, or in your Google Sheet?

The date column is a text column.its the problem ah?

Yes, that would explain it. Just edit the column and change it to a date/time type.

Have changed the field to date column.But its not working.Attached the column with this.

Anything needs to be changed?

Its probably comparing to MM/DD/YYYY format instead of DD/MM/YYYY format. Especially if you typed in the dates manually. If the dates are being entered in the app using a date picker or current date, then it would work because the dates are stored in a true ISO format. If you are manually typing in the dates, then I recommend using YYYY/MM/DD because it’s internationally recognized and understood.


Ok I will try.but need one confirmation,today I’m uploading a product to the product list,that’s should display in the what’s new option because of the filter condition is true of today date.

Tomorrow whether that Products filter condition change to false? Automatically?

Then how to change that.

Yes the filter will update automatically when the day changes to tomorrow.

Type the date in the format of YYYY/MM/DD instead of typing it in the format of DD/MM/YYYY.

Where? I tried but couldn’t get this year,month,date format,

Manually changed but it changes to ddmmyyyy

Even tried in sheet it’s too changes.

May be its getting my system date.its in ddmmyyyy.

I will try n test this.

I assumed you just had it as a text column in both glide and the google sheet. Seems like the sheet is formatting it. The IF column still doesn’t work even after retyping the dates? You could remove the date formatting on the column in the google sheet, or change the formatting of the column in the google sheet, or select the date with a date picker in the app, or create a new column with an arrayformula in the sheet to convert your date to a different format.

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I fixed as of now with inbuilt filter,it’s working correctly.but sure will play with what you told.later I change.thanks

Having 3 choice options as what’s new, clothing, favourite

Having 2 sheets product list, category

Product list having some column
Category has category type column

Now I need to be display data whatever choice options selected.

What’s new will select only products which are posted today.its coming but the same data is coming to clothing and favourite.

Clothing needs to be display the category and it’s related data.

Favourite displays which products are favourited.

Why I’m getting the same data for all options of choice?

Any logic with this?