Inline list filter by date

I have a table with a list of orders, includes the PO Order Date. I’d like to display the orders that are between two selected dates. I setup a detail page and then added an inline list and two date picker components thinking I could set the dates with the date picker components and then filter by on/before and on/after. I only seem to see the fields in the order sheet and not the detail sheet so I can’t set them and filter by them. I think I’m missing a step, can someone give me a 1.2.3. approach on how you’d do this? Frustrated.

Step by step…

  • Your two date picker components should be targeted at User Specific date/time columns
  • In the table that contains the records you want filtered, create two Single Value columns. These should take the values of the User Specific columns and apply them to all rows
  • Now create an if-then-else column in the same table using the following logic:
    – If Date is before Single Value Start Date, then null (leave empty)
    – If Date is after Single Value End Date, then null (leave empty)
    – Else true
  • Now you can use this if-then-else column to filter your list, showing only those rows where it is checked

Step by step about filters

Darren, I created two date columns in the Google Sheet with the records I want filtered called filterStartDate and FilterEndDate. I added two date form entry components to a GlidePage and then connected them to the FilterStartDate and FilterEndDate. When I pick a start and end date ONLY the first record seems to change and the rest of the rows stay blank. I missed something on how to apply them to all rows as you indicated?

You shouldn’t be doing anything in the Google Sheet at all.

Everything I described should be done inside your Glide Tables. If you follow those instructions carefully, it will work.

I’m trying. I just mentioned I was using a Google Sheet as my datasource, not creating the column in it. I think maybe I missed that I have to make columns in Glide user specific? I’ll try this next.

Yes, both columns that your date pickers write to should be user specific. This is to ensure that the same filter can be used by two or more users at the same time.
The Single Value columns apply those values to all rows.
And then the if-then-else column compares the date of each record to the selected start and end dates.

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