Calendar Dates

How do you remove past dates from a calendar listing?

In Glide, add a filter for ‘date is after now’.

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Does your ‘date’ have to be named date? For example I have a column called ‘Start Date’ and "edd Date’ so I’d like to choose ‘Start date is after now’ so in the filter I selected ‘Start Date’ ‘is’ for the condition and typed in ‘after now’ but it doesn’t work. It says no upcoming events. Please advise.

Does your column have any data in it? Glide needs to recognize it as a date column before the appropriate filters will work. Just insert a “fake” row of data for testing purposes.

Yes it has dates in it. Do you think maybe the TBD’s throw it off? Please see attached.

Also, here is what my inline list settings are.

I would not include the TBD values and see if it helps. You can always create an IFTHEN column in the editor to add the “TBD” to empty rows so that the Date values are recognized properly.

You can see that Glide is viewing the column as Text and not a Date column. It could just be because the first row is text and not a date.

I cleared all of the TBD’s out and left them blank. I removed date ranges and formatted the entire column as a date, it still doesn’t display the date though. I then tried changing the column header to ‘Date’ and more options appeared. ‘is on or after’ today worked worked and ‘now’ became a drop down item. I believe it was a combination of all of those things. Thanks so much for your help!

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From my experience, the first row after the header row needs to be in the format you want Glide to view it as. Since your first row had a TBD in it, Glide couldn’t process it as a Date column. This will likely be the same for number columns, etc. — if the first row is text, Glide won’t view it the way you’d like it to be viewed.

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You can create a new date column in Glide, then it will add that column to the sheet and I think it would honor the format.

And yes, don’t put TBD in the date column because it’s not the format it’s supposed to read.

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