Filter Data by Date/Time is within Today

I’m trying to filter a list of schedule items so that only events for Today are displayed, but I’ve noticed that towards the end of the day, Tomorrow’s events also show up.

I think I must be doing something incorrect with the filter or be misunderstanding how it works.

Out of curiosity, does your date column have the Respect Time Zone option checked (provided it’s a glide table)?

Thanks Jeff, helping me all over the place haha.

It’s not a Glide table (Google Sheet) so I can’t use it.

I wondered if it had something to do with Time Zones, although I’m in eastern time, but maybe Glide is using somewhere else Internationally as the standard time.

My initial guess would be the same. Maybe it’s factoring in UTC time somewhere along the lines.

I think I would create two math columns with the following formula.

Year(Date) * 10^4
+ Month(Date) * 10^2
+ Day(Date)

In one column point Date to the start date column. In the other, point Date to Today or Now. Then compare the two in your filter to only include the ones that match.

Dates in Glide seem buggy sometimes. I’ve seen dates be off by several hours in some cases. Can’t really explain it, but I’ve seen weird things at times.

Does this look right?

The Math column doesn’t seem to be recognizing it as a Date. Am I doing something incorrect or do I need an additional step to convert it to a Date?

That looks correct. The point is to convert it to a number as opposed a date. You’re only using it for your filter.

Okay, I must not be understanding how to set up the filter then.

Would you mind explaining in greater detail how the filter would be set up on the list?

This is my current filter.

If DateMathToday1 equals DateMathToday2 then that means that row is a Today row.

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