Visibility within a week of timestamp

I’m using the app to display internal supply orders and the delivery status as an inline list. Once items are delivered a button is pressed which updates cell values with a timestamp, i would like the order displayed in the list for a maximum of 7 days after date of delivery. How do i go about doing this within the glide app?

I’m unable to format google sheets spreadsheet with an array formula as the orders come in from paperform online form integration and it wont allow any cell formatting.

  • Create a Math column with the formula Date + 7, where date is the delivery date
  • Create a 2nd Math column with just the formula Now, and substitute that with the “Now” special value
  • Now, create an if-then-else column:
    • if first math column is on or after second math column, return true
    • else blank
  • Filter your inline list to show only those rows where the if-then-else column is true

That working great thanks, only issue is i think it is filtering when the cell is empty as well. Any suggestions on an additional filter to stop this?

Insert an extra condition at the start of your if-then-else column:

  • if delivery date is empty, then blank

Is this what you mean by blank? Still cant seem to get it to display

It looks like your Delivery Date column is a basic text column, instead of a date/time column. This has a snowball effect, and so the math column returns a number instead of a date.

So the first thing to do is fix that. Edit that column and change it to a date/time type.
Once you’ve done that, check your ‘date + 7’ column and make sure it is also returning a date.

Then finally, the second condition in your if-then-else column should be using “on or after” - not “equals”. (“on or after” won’t be available at the moment because the source “Delivery Date” column isn’t formatted correctly)

Follow the above, and that should sort it out.


Ok great, i’ve altered that it doesnt seem to be be picking up the it-the-else column filter

Screenshot 2021-10-15 10.40.59
Screenshot 2021-10-15 10.41.52

In the screenshot you show there, date + 7 in the first row is 13th October, and NOW is 15th October.
As date + 7 is not after NOW, it won’t return true.

Also - use true (lowercase) instead of TRUE

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This is working great now, thanks for your help! :+1: