Getting details from another tab

i want to get details from every new announcement into my notifications tab
how can i go about this

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WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM @Jeff_Hager @Robert_Petitto and @ThinhDinh

You can add inline lists to have info from other tabs… Or create a relation to link the contents together somehow so you can do lookups, etc on the main tab to pull in info from other tabs.

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Have any ideas?

The easy way is to make a switch for view/not view the content. Add a filter that only shows the rows that are “true”. This way, you can pick and choose which ones to show.

If you wanted to automate this, there’s likely a script you could do so that only the latest entries are displayed in the sheet.

What do you consider “new”? Ones that are within today, or something else? Define that and filter by that info in the inline list.

ones within 3days

So create a new column in your sheet that would determine whether the date is in last 3 days or not, then filter by that column.

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how do i get 3 days later???

Make an Arrayformula with today()+3

i want to make sure the arrayformula does not write on empty ros

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how will i do that

forgot but that calculates three days after today i want three days after the date the announcement was posted

add 3 days to the column that has the date value you want to pull from.