Adding time variable to graphs

I am not sure if this is possible yet but I want to add a chart that shows data for the last 30 days vs the lifetime of the info.

Is there a way to make the data time-sensitive.

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I’d love this

Hi Gera,

As of now I don’t think this is doable just inside Glide, but here’s a workaround.

I have some random data like column A and B, then in column C I put this in the first cell.

={"Date type";ARRAYFORMULA(IF(A2:A<>"",IF(A2:A>=TODAY()-30,"Within 30 days","Not in last 30 days"),""))}

It would result in something like this.

Then you can make a chart with it, with the lifetime total value showed in the center.

Hope it helps.

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You are the MAN! This is super helpful. For some reason, I am getting #REF! Error though. Am I stuck writing a complex formula for this or can I break it out a bit?

Here is the end game:
Reviews Today
Reviews Yesterday
Reviews Over The Last 7 days
Reviews Over The Last 14 days
Reviews Over The Last 30 days

Reviews This Month
Reviews Last Month
Reviews in 2020
Reviews in 2019

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I got the formula working for some reason though when I turn it into a chat it gives me some bogus numbers. It works in pie chart mode. If I wanted to add a bunch of my variables how would I edit your original formula?

By the way you are a boss and this was super helpful.

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How many variables do you want to add? It would be complex, but it’s doable if we get the right logic.

Currently, I am looking at 9.

Here is how far I have gotten it.
={“Date type”;ARRAYFORMULA(IF(
E2:E<>"", E2:E<>"",IF(E2:E>=TODAY()-30, ,IF(E2:E>=TODAY()-7,
“Within 7 days”,“Within 30 days”,“Not in last 30 days”,“Not in last 7 days”)

What is " E2:E<>" doing?

That is part 3.3 in my writeup here.

Hi Gera, based on the variables you have listed out I have made a sheet for you. I think it would be better to divided it into 4 columns:

  • Recent: Yesterday & Today
  • By days: Last 7, 14 and 30 days
  • By month: This month & Last month
  • By year: This year & last year

You can view the formulas in the header row of each column.

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looking around to learn some more abouth this feature

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Related to the use of date to filter a chart, if you’re interested.

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@ThinhDinh You are a data modeling wizard! Thank you for putting the functions together for me.

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My pleasure to help, feel free to put more questions if you need help, here or via personal message!

@ThinhDinh if you like I can show you the app I am working on in Glide it’s really cool and uses data I am gathering from another application and builds a back end around it. I would love your feedback on how I can make it even better.

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Feel free to show it here, I would love to learn from you and others as well so don’t hesitate to do it.

Hey! I used some of your code and it seemed to work like a charm.
={“Recent”;ARRAYFORMULA(IF(E2:E=TODAY(),“Reviews today”,IF(E2:E=TODAY()-1,“Reviews yesterday”,"")))}

This give me the last 2 days based on a date in another field. For some reason it stopped working though. Any idea whats up? Maybe I broke it somehow.

What is it returning now?

Currently nothing. I am not sure what happened because it worked at some point.

Share with me the sheet, I will take a look to see what happens :smile:

What’s your email?