Rows in google spreadsheet not increasing

the user fills out the form in glide, but it is not legible in GS.
I attached a screenshot.


in Glide

in Glide the latest data has been added…
but in GS the latest data is not added
you can check in the date column

Hola @agung_Taufik

Try scrolling to the end of the Gsheet.

if you are using the array formula function it will fill up the sheet all the way to the bottom, that’s why Glide is putting the next entry to the new row in GS… do not use =arrayformula( if( a2:a="","" use double “,”

thanks @SantiagoPerez
it’s true, the data is at the end of the gsheet, I use an arrayformula, is there a way to prevent that from happening?

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I will try it…
thanks @Uzo

easy to copy formula:


replace row(A2:A) with your function and have Glide row ID in A column

Delete all of the empty rows in the sheet.


nice reminder… you are the all-star pro!

Not related to your question, but a couple of small pointers:

The formatting of both of your date related columns looks wonky.

The first one - DATE TIME - appears to be a date/time column, but the values are appearing as ISO formatted date/time strings. This is usually an indication that the column isn’t configured correctly. If you simply edit the column in Glide and save, that should fix that.

And the second one - DATE - is configured as a text column. This will cause problems if you ever try to reference this column in computed columns, so I would advise fixing it.


@Darren_Murphy you are a freak of nature… you made me analyze that image… and I do agree with your conclusion

Thanks to everyone who has helped me, this problem is solved

thank you very much


@Darren_Murphy thanks for the correction, i will fix it…

Structure your data it is the Art of this DIGITAL world

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