Dynamic cell value not working

I currently have my Google sheet set up so that column F will be automatically determined based on the input in column B (using a formula). If there is no input/data in column B, the value in column F for that row will just appear blank. I copied this formula for the first 100 rows, but when you submit a new row of data via the Glide app, it inserts the new data at row 101, completely ignoring the formula in column F (this is because the app sees the formula and assumes that the row is already taken).

Any suggestions on how to better emulate this use case.

Thanks. I need to look into arrayformulas as I have not used that before. Any good resources or links to learn?

Actually, did some Googling and I think I figured it out. I appreciate the info!

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Just make sure when using arrayformulas to delete all empty rows. Otherwise any new rows will still be added at the very bottom of the sheet.