Line items appearing at the end of the Google sheet

Hi guys,

I’m having a Little difficulty with the data from the app to the Google sheet. The line items appear at the end.

I’ve tried deleting all the rows except for the ones with the data, so that I don’t have to scroll all the way to the bottom

Any other suggestions for the above issue?

Do you have any array formulas in the sheet?

No Array formulas.

Just the basic addition of rows in it.

How does the array function change how my display is presented?

Array formulas can cause lots of empty rows in your Google Sheet, if they aren’t set up correctly.

I just re-read your first post, and it’s occurred to me that maybe I’ve misunderstood what your problem is…

When you say “line items”, you are referring to new rows that are added, yes?
It’s normal for new rows to be added at the end. Are you expecting something else?

I ideally would like the data to flow in from the app to the sheets on a line by line basis. However, the issue I am facing with this is that the data from the app seems to be spread out all over the sheet. Some of the data sets appear in line 500, some in line 1000, rather than it appearing one below the other.

Okay, I understand.

Are you absolutely positive there are no formulas in this sheet? That is the most common cause of this problem.

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I have the basic functions like adding certain cells, and some vlookups.

Are these the reason why I have this problem? If yes, any possible solutions to combat this?

Any formula on any row (including arrayformulas or any non-arrayformula formula on any row) will be seen by glide as a populated row. If that’s the case, then glide will add data to the first truly empty row. If no rows are truly empty (including rows that appear empty, but still contain a formula), then glide will add a new row at the bottom of the sheet. It sounds like you have arrayformulas in your sheet, or you have pre-populated formulas on rows that may appear to be empty. If the logic absolutely needs to be in the Google sheet as opposed moving the logic to glide, then your best bet is to use arrayformulas and make sure you have deleted all empty rows. Not just clear the rows, but actually remove them so the very last row in the sheet is the last row that actually contains data.