Triggers or Auto Updated information on User End

How can I create information to automatically populate on the user end. For example, let’s say an admin adds update information for the next day’s announcements. I would like the other users to see it automatically populate. To be more clear, when they open items for a particular day, the next day and day of information populates on their screen.

You could have a list of rows that have dates on them, and then set up a filter to show content whenever it’s within a certain number of days from today.

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Thank you @Jeff_Hager, I try it. But, it would be at least 180 days. :grinning:

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It worked. I learned to use a Unique formula with a Sort and Array formula. Crazy! But, awesome.

um, you could have done that with one or two Glide computed columns

I’m a newbie, but willing to learning if you want to share specifics. I will also read the information from the link.

Well, just as an example, let’s say each announcement has an “Active At” date, and you only want to show announcements where the “Active Date” is after “now”, but no more than 2 days from “now”. So basically a 2 day rolling window.

  • Create a Math column, call it mth/2-days-from-now, the formula will be Now + 2, where Now is replaced with the current date/time. This gives you the date/time 2 days in the future.
  • Now create an if-then-else column:
    • If “Active At” is before Now, then empty (ignore dates in the past)
    • Else if “Active At” is after mth/2-days-from-now, then empty (ignore dates more than 2 days in the future)
    • Else true (anything that makes it this far is a keeper)

This will give you a boolean column, where only those rows where the “Active At” date falls within the rolling 2 day window will be true. And you can use that boolean column as a filter.

As a general rule, it’s better to do this sort of stuff in Glide (as opposed to using spreadsheet formulas) wherever possible, as you eliminate any delays caused by data syncing between Glide/Google Sheets/User Devices, and your app will be much “snappier”. This is because with Glide computed columns the computations always take place on each users device, so results are instant. If you’re new to Glide, this is an important fundamental concept to get your head around.