User specific data using a date formula in google sheet, input in glide

Hi , I’ve built an app using google sheets template and I have date formulas in google that automatically fill in but need to be user specific.

So it’s a checklist with a completed date (user inputs via a date box on glide)

Then it spits out the next due date and supposed to populate on the glide app. The google formula is if completed then adds frequency (weekly or monthly or annually ) to determine the next date.

I see it under my admin but is this being done right to be user specific?

I have multiple tab for these tasks (each grouping of tasks has its own tab)
And user profile tab I use row owner for email.

Am I doing this the right way?

When I tried to make user specific columns in glide for the dates the next due wouldn’t work for other profiles other than mine


Can you add a screen shot or two from the Glide Data Editor that shows how you currently have your tables structured?

The formula you mention would probably be better if done with Date Math in the data editor.

Thanks. Here is excel screen shot.
I’m not at my computer so can’t access the data editor to show that set up.
User inputs completed and then that feeds next scheduled (completed + frequency).

Will this be user specific or will they overwrite each other?

Glide will see your results as non user-specific and I assume that’s not what you want.

I think what you can do is add a user-specific completion date column, then use the Math column of Glide to derive the “Next Scheduled” date.

How you get that formula to work will be the main problem. I assume next week means 7 days after the completion date, next month means the same day of next month after the completion date (this is a bit tricky), and next year means the same day of next year?

In the photo, i have both the google sheets tabs (which work for just me), and also the user-specific glide data columns (next due and completed to the right of it) The user data column works when i view as myself, but when I view as anyone or a made up user it doesn’t auto-populate the Next Due date. I used the math function and i used the frequency column in days (math: completed+frequency)

If i left the google sheets as is (without the data editor glide columns) having the user profile tab with a row owner by email and each row here having it’s own ID, SHOULD IT technically work with each user being specific?

Why is the Frequency Days column user specific?
It seems to me it shouldn’t be, unless you define a month/year/quarter/etc differently for each user.
Do users enter their own values for this column?

the frequency day isn’t; just the completed and next scheduled are. I saw i deleted that; but the user-specific “next due” doesn’t show up as a data option for the column of “next scheduled”. it only allows me the google sheets choice; BUT if I clear the date (and have the next due as a placeholder) it then defaults to the correct next scheduled date since it points to the placeholder.
It also works in the “fields” display and lets me use it as a data option as well as an option to show in the main collection. I just can’t get it to show as data for the button in the details page.

Yes, it is.

That’s not user specific, it’s a computed column which may or may not effectively be user specific depending on the input data.

Not entirely clear what you are trying to do here. What button? What does the button do?

thanks, i meant it isn’t supposed to be and corrected it when you pointed it out.

Okay, so where does that leave you now - what isn’t working?
You mentioned something about a button. Please elaborate…

Ok, what you said makes sense that it’s not user specific and auto-generates so the user will see that based on their completed date input.

however, even the new data column that’s not user specific doesn’t show up as an option for Data.
sorry - i mispoke, not a button, a date entry

the Data field doesn’t allow the new math column to show
Screen Shot 2023-02-14 at 8.58.28 PM

I think i found a workaround by removing the “date” component and replacing it with a field component.

What you are showing there is a pair of DatePickers.
DatePickers are input components, and input components cannot write data into computed columns.
That is why you cannot select the math column.

So yes, if you just want to display the value in that math column on the screen, then you need to use a non-input component, such as a field or text component.

many thanks for your help on this Darren!

Quick question: How can i clean up columns? Some won’t let me delete; not a big deal, just don’t know if i should leave it or create a whole new sheet.

once i complete the user profile and contacts tabs and figure out relations + lookups and groups i’m sure i’ll just want to redo the whole thing lol.

For non-computed columns that are attached to an external data source (ie. Google Sheet), you need to delete them at the source. So in your case, delete them in the Google Sheet.

Be sure to check they aren’t used anywhere first with the “Find All Uses” option.

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