Display only entries of the last 3 days

Hi everybody,
I would like to create a tab where only the newest entries from the last 3 days will be shown from 4 other databases after another (with 4 different inline-lists).

How can I build this filter, I assume with a new math-column something in the formula like
" today - create date" and than setting a filter on that?

Or is there a chance direct with filter & date . . …“is on before” something…


and by the way: Happy Christmas from Hungary :slight_smile:

I think you have the right idea with a math column. Do the math in each table of data that you want to show on the tab. It will give you a number of days difference between the creation date and Now. Then you can set your filter on the inline lists to show rows where the day difference is less than or equal to 3.


Could you provide me with the formula? I never done that before …

‘N-D’ or ‘Now-Date’ will work in a math column.

Replace N or Now with Now.
Replace D or Date with whichever date column you want to compare to.

The result will be the number of days difference between the dates.


Hi Jeff, Thank you very much, that`s abolut helpful.

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