Filtering by Date

Hi! Brand new user here.

I created a tab called Due Soon and I have a column with a deadline.
I tried adding a filter but all the time related ones - within, on or before, on or after… only give options for today or now.

What am I doing wrong?


Currently you can only filter by comparing dates in each row to today or now. We will have to add more columns for ‘date math’ and allow you to do more complex comparisons before this is possible.


Is there any kind of workaround for me to create an upcoming deadline filter or tab?

Create a column to calculate the number of days till due then use that for the filter.

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Perfect! Thank you!

Hi George. How can I set this complementary calc-date column to calculate automatically the nr of days each time a new row is added?

Either using ARRAYFORMULA in the gsheet, either using a Math column in the data editor, I think it works for date computations.

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Here you go.


Thank you George! Awesome!