Trouble with filtering by date (Airtable)

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Starting to work with data in our Airtable base - I want to filter a collection by a date field in Airtable (Date Received). When trying to set up that filter in the Glide editor, I’m not seeing a way to filter it by a custom set of dates (ideally, looking to filter for records within the last year).

Is there a way to choose something other than “today” or “now”?

Create a math column in Glide using the formula Now-365, where Now is replaced with the current date/time. Then your filter can be “where Date is after math column”.

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@Darren_Murphy Thanks for the help! Following up on your solution - I would create a math column in a Glide table? Would it be best to just have a Glide table that would create these kinds of variables?

Yes, using a math column.

Not exactly sure what you are getting at there. Do you mean additional “preset” values for things like “1 week ago”, “1 year ago”, etc? That sort of thing isn’t really necessary, as you can define any date/period that you want with a bit of date math.

Yeah - was just trying to think of other uses for this Glide table (not currently using Glide tables, as all of our data is currently in Airtable).

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