Filter by a date range

Hi !! I have a situation that i can’t undertand why is happening, im filtering date range from the, is on or after, today or now, with another If that takes another date that is 3 days after today, and I take it as ,before, 3days (Name of the column). If is in the range of a month it wokrs perfectly, but if is even for one just day out of the currently month it doesn’t.

What does that “Días 5” column compute?

Hello !

Compute 5 days after today. then we enter to the next month and it doesnt work as the other example.

Can you show a screenshot of what that column is showing in your data editor?

Not necessary !
It was right there, a date format mistake, so embarrassed,
thank you for your help !

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No worries, just ask us if you need help!

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