Filter date on or after today not working in 2020

It might be a coincidence but the feature filter: <date ‘on or after today’> turn up blanco in the new year?
I tried different date formats but that didn’t help…
Anyone ideas how to solve this?
It’s a rowing workout schedule in which I like to show only future workouts. (it worked fine in 2019 :slight_smile: )

Anyone who can help? I would be very grateful!

Screenshots of what you see in the builder might help.

Hi Jeff,
What I would like to show are only the dates after today.
I managed to do that with the filter, but that stopped in 2020 (might be a coincidence though)

I don’t see a year in your date field. It might be assuming that the year for your date is prior to 2020. I would consider a separate date field with a proper date format to use for the filter only. You can still use the Datum column to display to the user.

Hi Jeff,
I made an extra column, called “date”. But it still shows all rows in the sheet although the filter is “on and after today”. As if it can’t find out what "today’ is…
I will upload some screenshots after this message.
Thx so far already that you want to help! Very much appreciated!

I wonder if Glide is recognizing the dates in MM-DD-YYYY format instead of DD-MM-YYYY. Try changing them to YYYY-MM-DD instead to see if that works.

Yes!!! That worked! You made my weekend! Thank you so much Jeff!

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