Query Data that is within a week, month and day from now

Hi guys,

Ive seen some video’s on date filtering but essentially just want to be able to have the following :

I have a table called closed jobs and there is a closed date value in it. I have another Table called Admin Dashboard where I want to query all the closed jobs Today, This Week and This Month. In the closed jobs table I think it would be easiest in the context of the app to use this formula -

to return 0 if it is within the week. If it is 0 with a if statement column I can then say if 0 true if not false. And then query the the ‘true’ jobs and then do the same for the day and the months.

However, When I put this formula in I get this :

So not sure why its not returning 0. Would appreciate any help on this as its pretty urgent as well as just helping out on what the formula for a day and a month would be using the same logic!

Thanks a lot guys!



Were mine any of the videos you’ve already watched?

If you need the filter to also calculate big numbers, then you’ll have to use a custom filter like I explained the video. If you’re just looking to filter a collection, then you can probably get away with using Glide’s native in-app filters with a combination of if Else columns and math column.

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What’s the formula?

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