Rotating APP - front page by DAY

My pastor encourages us to read the Psalms and Proverbs everyday.

He has taught us a system of reading that will take us through them once a month.

I took his system and created an app. What I like most of all about the app is the little workaround I have for the homepage being the correct DAY of the month.

Because the reading is the DAY of the month, it is a finite/rotating system. Each FIRST of the month I want the #1 row to appear on the front page. Then 2 and 3 and so on.

Here is how I did the front page to be relevant each day.

Info Sheet with ALL the info - one for each day of the month

I have a sheet with 31 rows. One for each possible day of the month.

Column B is the day of the month and the rest of the Row is the information for that day.

Column A is a FORMULA =day(today())-B2

So, TODAY’s Day of the month MINUS the info in that row

TODAY will always be calculated as ZERO - each day the ZERO moves to the next day.

In my TODAY sheet I just have ONE row that is FILTERED to ‘grab’ the correct row from the Info sheet


This becomes my APPs homepage.

Note: Because I have the FREE version, this will NOT happend AUTOmagically.

I have an Update button at the bottom of the front page asking my users to submit a form that just enters a timestamp. This then updates the app to TODAY.

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Instead of a Today sheet with the filter to check for zero, you might be able to do the filter inside of glide against the Info sheet.

I’ll have to try that out … I think I still need the Today sheet because the “Info Sheet” is used somewhere else (I have 2 apps)

Thanks for challenging me!!!

@Jeff_Hager - I was able to pull in the images through tiles - but still cannot get the Individual Scriptures of the day to show up.
Since it is a “Details” page it is only showing Day 1 when I bring in Basic Text.

Maybe I was unclear. I’m not saying to filter in the sheet, but instead apply the filter in the glide builder.
You can apply filters on the Features tab to show the first record that matches the filter in the detail layout. I would think that should work for you.

Sorry. I guess I was unclear. I have both filters. In Glide and in the sheet.

I am able to pull in the daily Tiles through Glide filters in Tiles looking for Day Zero.

But I have some Basic Text components. That i think I need just the one line filter in sheets.

Because on the Details page, only the first line is imported.

My sheets filter brings the current days line to the top of the one-line sheet.

Is there a way for me to bring in through Glide filters just line 8 into a Basic Text component?

I was thinking you could eliminate the Today sheet entirely. Instead point your tab to the Info sheet. Switch to Details layout, then apply a glide filter to only show details for day zero. This will give you the details for the current day. Then you can add an inline list pointed to the Info sheet to show all days if you choose. Maybe I’m still misunderstanding something. I am unable to copy your app for whatever reason, so I wasn’t able to take a deeper look.

Ok. I think I understand.

I can set the filter to the TAB (not the individual components)

I did not realize that. Gonna try that out.

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But. Still need the Spreadsheet Magic to get the ZERO to move to the next day and set the filter to the row. :slight_smile:


Thanks for hanging in there with me @Jeff_Hager - I did it! And it made sense!

I got rid of the extra sheets and did all the filtering on my InfoSheet.

(Looks the same, but I feel better … and smarter)

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Awsome. Glad you got it. My only suggestions for getting the zero to move would maybe be some sort of script on a trigger to update a cell every day or hour.

Otherwise, maybe placing a now() value in a cell and hoping that google updates it at least once a day. Make sure your spreadsheet setting have recalculation set to on change and every hour. I’ve never played with it in depth…some people say this still does not work, but I would think the script and trigger would work for sure.

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Thanks. The whole script thing is a mystery to me. I have avoided it completely. Not something I’m gonna try. Old dawg here.

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