📅 Day specific homepage (with scroll through)

I have several apps where I want my users to see the same thing on the same day every month.
So when the app loads, they will see a day specific event/news/fact

This will rotate every month. So once I set it up it will just rotate through.

BUT, I want my users to be able to scroll through other events (forward and backward).

This is how I set it up so that the “homepage” of the app changes each day.
(There is no sign in, so it will reset if they ‘swipe out’.)

Here are a couple of columns in the glide sheet.

Today’s #: a math column, day(t) where t is “Now” - this finds the NUMBER of TODAY
Event #: I put these in order from 1 to whatever in the sheet (hand entered)
(the numbers must be consecutive with no breaks) Since I am doing monthly - there is 1-31.

More columns

UserClicks: Counts Clicks by User (user specific) - more info below
Count Clicks: Rollup Finds the SUM of the UserClicks column
Days + Clicks: Adds the Day number (another column day(t)) plus the Count Clicks Column.
Find Last: Rollup that finds the MAX Event Number (so the Days+Clicks will not go above that number.)

Here is what a screen looks like in the app

The Previous button increments the user clicks by -1
The Next button increments by +1
The screen options are filtered by Event# equals Day+User Clicks so that the clicks go in the right place.

The custom actions also stop the user clicks from going below 1 or above the max

This puts the DAILY event on the ‘homepage’ but allows the user to scroll through other days

Here is a basic app, stripped down so you can copy.

Here are the apps I use these tricks for:


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