Calendar view to show only today events

Hello, I am building a simple app to show me a daily agenda and reminders. I have all my events (e.g. family and friends birthdays) in an a sheet with a date column and event description. When I use the calendar view it shows all the times sorted by older or newest ones. But I only want to show the current day events. Eventually also Swipe view is nice if it would show the current day events and swipe right or left for the next or previous day.

I am not sure how to make this work. Please could you advise?


You can set a filter on your calendar list where date is within Today.

Swipe a different animal. It’s not designed to swipe linearly left and right through a list of items. Instead it uses the swipe date and sets that date each time you swipe. It’s designed to look for the oldest date and always swipe to that oldest date. There are ways, but it gets complicated. You can look at how I handle the swipe between months in this app. Basically the swipe is filtered to show only one row, but the swipe increments a value that controls what displays on the app. Not a simple process, but possible with some workarounds.


Thank you. I haven’t realized I need to use “is within”.

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