Same list with different layouts?

I have 2 lists on my homepage of “Businesses” they both reference the same sheet. One is “featured” business and the other is “recently added” business. When you click “see all” i want that list to show as cards for “featured” business but as a compact list for “recently added”. But, for some reason, the list view for one changes the list view for the other.

Can they be “styled” differently?

Is there a work around?

You can filter each list component independantly. I would have a column for each filter view you want… Featured and recently added and then filter the different components on these columns.

Are you saying that you currently use the show only a few items feature and you want to change the filter when they click see more?

I don’t think you can detect if the compact list or full list is being viewed so if this is the case I would say no.

Yes, the “see all” is what I’m trying to style. I want the “see all” for the featured to have the cards layout and the “see all” for the recently added to show a compact list.

I have a Boolean column for featured and filter based on that. I simply used the date added column I created to filter the recently added.

I can change it in the features but when I change it for one, it also changes the other.

At first I thought that because I copied the list and changed it, that they were somehow tied together. But, when I created (added) a new list, it still does this.