Rows Disappear

Rows Suddenly Disappeared from the APP.

for example the 10 rows disappeared and then starts from the 11th row eventhough the row count is still the same.

Please help get over this

What plan are you on for this app/team? Is it a free plan?

What type of backend are you using?

Yes it is a free plan. what do you mean by what type of backend am I using? My data source is Microsoft excel sheet

So can you confirm that you have not passed the row count limit for that app?

Yes I have not passed the row limit for the App


Some updates work like text and number columns, but date and link columns are not updated. I don’t know why

Adding @DJP

Can you record a video of the problem using Loom?

Is it all stored on the same row, or are those quotes on different rows?

Same row. so basically this is a table consisting of all rows with data of opportunities. When can click on an opportunity, you can access all data related to this specific opportunity. All the information of this specific opportunity is on the same row. So basically the info I’m adding here for the quotes are on the same row as the opportunity name, PO , Quotes, Invoice etc.


Do you have any on-submit actions tied to the edit screen? Do all edit buttons lead to the same edit screen?

Yes. The edit screen is on one row. So for example when I click on edit, The edit screen shows all entries including the Opportunity information, quotes, PO, etc. all of which are on the same row in the excel sheet. what is weird is that When I check the updates in glides it shows “resets in 20 days” when I only used 18 updates out of 1000 updates. I’m within row limit. Its also weird that it is showing 3 users when I’m the only user. is user count based on the user per application or user per email with access in general?

It should be user with access on the team level.

That shouldn’t affect the problem in question though, if you don’t have any on-submit actions to interfere with the data then maybe it’s a bug.

Yeah I think so too. how can I solve it if its a bug when I’m on the free plan?

Is it possible for you to share access to the team you’re hosting this app with one of the experts here so we can help?

Did you guys find a solution? We have the same problem here… We have the starter plan.

How can I do that? maybe share your email so I can give you access?