Rows Disappear

Hey Keven,

No not yet. If you do, please let me know

My email is

Just sent you an invitation

I have just tested in the builder and it works normally. Does it not work only on the published version?

No if you check again now, you will see that the dates disappear. the name and value works fine, but the dates and link don’t work

only works for the first quote

I have another question since you are already in the account. you will see a third App that has been loading for days. why is that happening? Only 2 Apps are published and I’m developing the Apps so that we go live when we are ready

How did you create that one? Maybe a duplicate that has never been fully loaded.

Is that table an Excel sheet? Can you check and confirm you don’t have any formula in those columns?

I see you might be using formula in Excel to pre-populate rows, so thought you should check.

Regarding the App loading forever, No I created it exactly like the other 3. I can’t even delete it. Can you please delete it and tell me how you did it.

Regarding the excel, No the entry cells for the dates and link are empty. I’m only populating the quote number

Can I get someone from tech support to fix it since its a bug?

its terrible nothing is working not even the POs


Clicking delete here should do.

Then I don’t think I have an idea why it doesn’t work. Any pointers you can think of @David_Gabler ?

@ThinhDinh it doesn’t work. Try it yourself

@david This problem is unsolvable. I can’t convince our management to use this service if we can’t find a solution for this issue. I’m within all limits.

Please advise

Just confirmed that after typing the text, it doesn’t allow you to Delete.

Sorry, at this point I don’t have any further idea as I’m just a fellow user. Support tickets are only available from Pro onwards.

yes thats exactly what I mean. It doesn’t open and I can’t delete it

Its ok. You have helped me alot. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me. this looks like a bug in glide itself

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Sorry, been away for a few days. I have, in the past, replicated behavior with Excel that data will disappear for no apparent reason. I opened a support ticket and never heard back from Glide. This was at least eight months ago.

As I have said in other posts, it was suggested to me (by an Expert) that the fault lies in the Excel API. However, I use the Excel API in other venues with no issues. I am a programmer. My initial reason for using Glide was that I was hopeful I could develop the GUI in Glide and take care of bulk data with my programs accessing Excel. I had to abandon that idea when it proved unreliable on the Glide side.

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Thank you David for your input. it seems like there’s no solution here and I won’t be able to keep up with it as I’m not a programmer myself.