Roll up column stores values?

Are values stored in Roll Up columns or … the rolling up process is done every time we show/need a roll-up column/value in the app???

So when there a lot of rows is it more efficient to roll up in intermediate categories?


If I want to roll up balloon t shirts sold in Winter 20 season is more efficient in seasons sheets to roll up t shirts category values or it is better to roll up directly balloons t shirts ?

Why do you ask? Are you merely curious or is your app slow?

My app is slow. I have a lot of rows and I must increase efficiency.

Any suggestion?

If the app is running slow, it probably doesn’t have anything to do with the rollup column. Do you have other app functionality based on spreadsheet formulas?

Yes sure ! I have arrayformulas , querys lookup etc

Yep…all those formulas create lag in your app. Until November of this year, I relied on Google Sheet formulas to build my apps, but after discovering that they cause lag, I switched over to Glide data columns for relations/lookups whenever possible.

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Yes . Thanks Robert. Anyway would be good to know some tips to make apps more efficient as number of rows increase organically after publishing