Row Rollup

You know what would be swell? Having a Rollup of a ROW (sum, count, max, etc). I see the UI similar to an if then where you can select the columns (either via drop down or checklist) to be included in the Rollup.

Would save me from having to write this mess of a formula for COUNT:
={"Total (K)_answers";ARRAYFORMULA(if(len(A2:A),iferror(1/(1/mmult(n($C2:$P="K"),transpose(n($C2:$P2)^0)))),""))}

and this one for MAX:
={"Max";QUERY(TRANSPOSE(QUERY(TRANSPOSE(Q2:S), "select "&REGEXREPLACE(JOIN( , ARRAYFORMULA(IF(LEN(Q2:Q&R2:R&S2:S), "max(Col"&ROW(Q2:Q)-ROW(Q2)+1&"),", ""))), ".\z", "")&"")), "select Col2")}

With the hope that Glide Tables can replace Google Sheets, we’ll need functionality like this.

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It would really be good, I am also afraid of this transaction, the potential of formulas to find results and integration with scripts, losing this would be a setback.

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+1 for this feature in native data editor

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When I see a formula like this, Robert, I know I will never get there :wink:
If Glide can help make formulas like this ‘Blom-proof’ it will win the world!

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Which properties in the row are you rolling up? How do you pick them? This makes sense for arrays, for sure.

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In my case, I want ratings in a product review averaged. For instance, Taste (X out of 5), Packaging (X out of 5), and Cost-effectiveness (X out of 5) for a product rated by a user averaged to average Rating (X+X+X/3).

Ideally, I would want it to work on User-specific columns as well.

Btw, thanks for ‘listening’ to our feedback David. Appreciate it!

Here you could use a Math column, right? Any reason you’d prefer a roll-up?

Numbers—determine max or sum
Strings —determine count
Boolean —determine count true

Can’t do a math column with strings (count) …nor determine max