Roll Up help!

Hi everyone,

I would be grateful for some help please - I have a Google sheet which I have lots of rows of data in. In short the data is sales performance per Account Manager per month - so each row in the sheet lists transactions with columns like Month, Account Manager, Total generated ect. Please note there are several transaction rows per Account manager per month. So for example, in January 24 one Account Manager could do several transactions and we require the sum total (in £) of those transactions in that period please.

What I would like to do (but struggling with!) is a ROLL UP column which sums an Account Manager’s Total Generated per month. I have a total number for a month (by everyone - a total) but I would like to sum total every transaction by one Account Manager in a month to one total. I have tried a few approaches to this including IF then else, ROLL UP, relation columns ect but cannot seem to get the correct outcome.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated please!

Thanks in advance.

Hopefully this loom will help you understand one way you could do this.


Thanks very much for this. Really helpful.

Wow, amazing dashboard @DarrenHumphries :exploding_head:

Thanks for the trick with “includes” in query column’s filters :pray: