How to a SUM for each specific row and not the entire column?

Hello everybody!

I am blocked on my last step with something that seems so simple, but I am probably missing a step somewhere :wink:

For a food tracker, I compute the food the user eat everyday in a tab, Screenshot by Lightshot
and then in another tab I want to show the results show showing the results of what you ate in a specific day. (Cal / proteins / fat etc)

I discovered to make a sum with the Roll up column option, but the problem is that it displays for the entire column (see screenshot) - Screenshot by Lightshot

So now, I have the same sum for everyday of my calendar, versus for one specific day.

I would like the Sum to be saved on each rows, as they are days of the week. (Calendar view)
This way each days will have different sums, because the user eat different foods everyday.

Any ideas which steps should I do to make it possible?

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you can create a relation column that links the day to all items consumed in that day (probably by using date), then you can use the Rollup coming against the relation and it will only sun the values that match that relation.


OK cool let me try it :slight_smile:

To match that relation of all items consumed that day I should use an array column?

Hard for me to say. I don’t have a complete visual how you are setting up your relation to get the items you want to sum.

Hi Jeff, just to give you an update. Many thanks :slight_smile: It worked.

I had to add a date column in my first sheet where I was entering my daily intake in order to relate it to my calendar so I could do use the Roll up sum.

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