Creating a SumIf

I have one column where I have converted the date to the month where January=1, July=7, December=12, etc.

I would like to take amounts in another field, e.g. “credits” and sum those amounts by the month.

How is this done? Or what formula?


Create a Query column that uses a filter like “month equals this row->month”, then create a rollup column that targets the query column and does a sum.

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This is what I have done:

Created a query where column D is greater than 0
and Month equals 7 (for July)

This produces a text column saying “Deposit #4322

The amount for July is in this column but I cannot sum it.

A Query column (and relation column) does not return a value. It just creates a link to rows. I’m not sure what you mean when you say that it returns a text column, since the query itself doesn’t return a value. All you should need is a Rollup column that looks through the Query to sum the values in the queried table. What does the column look like that you are trying to sum?

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Thanks for your help. I was able to resolve my problem by creating an “If then else” column for the month number and then for each month I did a “RollUp” for that “If then” column. Now I am producing a screen of that. Thanks again.


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