Rollup Column

Please tell me if the Rollup Column can lookup the latest date and time in a column next to it. For some reason it doesn’t seem to work with dates?

it does!

Do you have screenshots?

Screen Shot 2022-02-23 at 4.52.19 PM

Hi, thanks for the reply. If you see the two screenshots below, i’ve selected the latest time. The second screenshot shows that the rollup time is pulling an earlier time (from a row further up the sheet)

No matter which setting i use it always chooses the earlier date.

Do you have a small app where this happens that we can test?

I can reproduce! I’ll let the team know.

Let me try get one set up in the morning and i’ll post it here​:+1::+1:

Okay, i have knack of finding the gremlins in the system that make me go mental, then after i give the app a rest and come back later, everything seems to sort itself out.

So at the moment everything is working fine. At one stage it was doing all the right things (ie. Rolling Up the correct latest date) but just not reflecting the changes in the data editor. It’s almost like the cache is not clearing or it’s lagging a bit?? (that stuff is way beyond my pay grade)

I had a similar issue where my data editor was only showing 10 rows, none of the new rows i was adding were visible in the data editor. It was so frustrating but the community said i should close glide and do a complete restart and if still not fixed then clear all history/cache/cookies etc etc (which worked, except i got at least 4 new grey hairs in the process🤪)

So i think all these kinds of issues seem to stem from “caching”? or Glide seems to just need a bit of a refresh restart every now and then. (least i could do for my favourite app builder :wink:)

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Hi @ToOFa_Apps, I don’t think you were making this up… :sweat_smile:

Right at the same time yesterday I was working with a Time Rollup column, looking for the earliest time.
As I often run into problems with Time comparisons I use the equivalent numeric math column, using HOUR(time)*60 + MINUTE(time), which I rollup for the minimum value.

Anyway, the Time Rollup column was wrong, but the Numeric Rollup was correct.
Weirder even, when displayed in the app the Time Rollup value was also correct.

I finally decided to just call it a day, and lo and behold, this morning it all looks fine… :sweat_smile:

So probably some overnight glitch ???

I’m so glad i wasn’t the only one (although i am sorry you had the issue). Flip i went through my calculations over and over and over again. That thing made a fool out of me yesterday😂 lol
I’ll remember the numeric math idea you used, thanks for that✔️
Bro, forget the Glide overnight glitch, i proper glitched myself out. Eish, it was ugly🤣

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Yup, I use the Date/Time columns for display, and math columns for comparisons or calculations.
For ex. 2 dates are often not equal, as they might have 2 different time stamps, and setting the column to date only is a display thingy that doesn’t erase the time. I tried to use TRUNC(time) but that doesn’t work so I use Math columns such as Year(date)*10,000 + MONTH(date)*100 + DAY (date) to compare dates or include dates into Relations or Filters where I want to ignore timestamps.

That math is too simplistic for Date Diff though…
Interestingly enough Date Diff math calculations (date1 - date2) work ok in a math column…

Okay nice, will definitely try some of those options going forward. Dates and time are my nemeses. That’s the first place i’ll have a problem, no jokes. :call_me_hand:

Just out of curiosity, @ToOFa_Apps and @Killko - were either of you using the Date Format plugin anywhere in your app?

Nope, i was writing a label and timestamp into a column for various rows.

The aim was to use the latest date&time to determine which label to use in a single value column (for use as a switch/button)
Had to rollup the latest date&time, use if then else to compare and determine the latest label, use lookup column to repeat that label top to bottom and single column can pull the label value from the first row in the lookup column.

I have a whole bunch of admin controls on a page and a button/s that either drops down those controls or folds them away.
I want to be able to switch the drop down on from one details screen, keep them open when i go to other details screens, then when i’m finished i want to be able to fold away the controls/components from any screen i choose.

The single value column is great for taking a value in the first row of a column but the label value is written onto the row of the details screen that i’m currently on, so i figured i’d use rollup latest time and use that to conditionally fetch the label and get it into the first row (using lookup column) then use the results for the single value column.
Hell of a workaround🤪 but it works really nicely.
My luck, there’ll be another solution that does it all in one move. I’ll cry!!!

No @Darren_Murphy, Google Sheets Column formatted as date/time and Glide as Time Only.
I had other weird issues yesterday with this: Doing an IFT depending on the day number and selecting different time columns was losing the time only format. So I checked all the time columns and reset them to time only. Changing one screwed up the view of all the other time IFTs and templates that were showing fine. I had to reset all the time columns to get back to normal, except the new IFT I had created. I could cycle through this as many times as I wanted, getting the same weird results… :sweat_smile:

yeah, this is a known issue.

The workaround is to add a math column after the if-then-else column, at which point you can select the time-only format for display.

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Ok, what threw me is that other IFTs were working fine, but I could never get that new one to display correctly.

I ran into a date/time problem yesterday, “is within” was not checking correctly in an if then else column and it had nothing to do with the plugins, so I guess there were some bugs with date/time yesterday in Glide.