Rich text not showing on user form

Hey there -

Had a question about user-added data… I was trying to add a rich text form above so i can explain what the submission is for but it isn’t showing up. None of the other sections (images buttons etc.) are showing up either… not sure if it’s a bug or if it’s something that hasn’t been implemented yet?? I saw there was another post about something similar here.

happy thanksgiving!

Update: Found override but still wondering if you can pull from the spreadsheet?

No, unfortunately on an add screen there is no other way to add explanatory text except as the label of inputs.

Edit: Yes you can add Rich Text to an add screen. Just select the Rich Text component and select None as the source sheet. The enter your custom text in the area provided.

No worries! Just checking. It works just fine!

I’m having same issue with rich text, as well as “link”. What was your override you found?

Thank you

I don’t think @carrabre found a way to “override” anything. On an add screen the only elements that are visible are input components. Any explanation of input needs to be put in the labels of the input components.

Hey guys, not sure if I’ve misunderstood you here. It’s totally possible to put a rich text component in an add/edit/form screen. You just need to choose the custom text entry setting for the rich text component.

Or am I confused?

No you’re right - you totally can, just not imported from a spreadsheet. The ‘override’ I was referring to was the custom text you can input.

Got it. Thanks