Display Information from Spreadsheet in Add Screen

I’d like to display some data that I’ve created in glide using the template column in my Add screen so that users have an idea of what one of their inputs should be.

It seems like you can’t display rich text using a spreadsheet input, is there any work around to this? Did I miss something?

Rich Text is supported on add screens, but only for static text right now!

How should it work for the Template column? Before the user enters anything, there is no data to use for the template.

Ah, it’s going off of other information. Basically I have a single value column that comes from a formula in my sheet. As data is entered, that value changes. I have modified that slightly with the template field and want to display that in my Add screen.

I may have to look into another way to solve this one then…thank you.

in rtf format we have html tags and images and they are reflecting automatically but images are wide not showing properly as the app frame is small and there is no image magnifier or scroller option here.How to correct that