Clickable Image Code (using the template column)

This is a combination SSMagic and Data:Template coolness!!

I have a spreadsheet set up like this:

With a link to a website [link] and a link to an image [url].

I copied this ‘code’ directly from a post.

<div style="margin-bottom:1px;" ><a href="[link]"><img width=100% height=auto src="[url]"/> </a></div>

This is the fun part!
Then in my app

Pasted it STRAIGHT into a Data:Template Column. Did not change anything.

Then I configured the Replacements for [link] and [url]

This ‘grabs’ the spreadsheet information and puts it into the formula/code.

I did not have to fiddle with any formulas. Just copied and pasted from this forum.

Then I add this new column as a Rich Text and it is an clickable image!! Thanks @John_Cabrera for all your help and inspiration as I waded through this!

See here:


Now you see why RichText is my favorite component. When combined with spreadsheet this way, you can create all kinds of visual magic. So glad you got this going.

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That is a very cool way of using the template column.

My only concern in using it is that Glide has repeatedly advised us not to use HTML within the RichText component as it may not be supported in the future. I would hate to use it in a critical (aka lots of users and maybe even paying users) application only to see it go away. That would make for a ton of support calls.

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