Reworking an app

When you figure out you missed something in your app, do you find it easier to redo the whole thing? Some of my pages have MANY components visibility and such, that I like, but feel if I rework my app, i may have to do it from scratch. Any thoughts on that process or things you have done in a similar situation? Can you copy all the components from 1 and use them again on another page?

My problem is I created an app that shows every time I have met a certain person under many a circumstances so I know when i met them and why. But, now, I want to be able to have a main details page for each person and then add to that every time I have met them, but it seems it has to be on separate sheets. I want to be able to create someone and add to them but since I already have them in my sheet, some with multiple instances of meetups, I now need to create a “main page” for each person with general notes and details.

I hope that made sense. It does in my mind but articulation may be…meh.

Probably you can duplicate the tab and make changes where you need, while keeping the old tab as a fallback option just in case.

Without knowing much about how you currently set up things, just talking about the data structure, I believe you just need one sheet for all “people you have met” and one other sheet for “meeting instances” related to each person.

If you want to add a new person, add it to the first sheet, else you add a meeting instance to the second sheet and relate that back. Would it work?

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You’re probably referring to a similar thread I’ve made a bit earlier :

A bummer part of rebuilding/reworking an app is that you can’t have two GDE’s open at the same time, so if you make a fresh one, or a duplicate of your app you can’t compare them side-by-side on the back end. Plus no copying/pasting of components across screens/tabs/apps etc.

yeah, that is annoying.
What I normally do to work around that is make a duplicate of the app, and then have that open in another window to use as a comparison.
And at other times I’ve taken screenshots of all component and column configurations :rofl:


I have recently had to rebuild an app, and building it from scratch turned out to be the best option.

You can go back to the database and do some serious tinkering, using any new skills you have developed. This doesn’t just help the back end, as it usually allows some front end tweaks that would have been difficult/cumbersome to implement.

It is also far faster than the first build, especially if you are copying certain parts and have the old app alongside.


I’ve found there are some serious traps that you can’t get out of, and unfortunately, starting from scratch seems to be the best option. The road to learning the best practices for your particular application has some big potholes - the kind that leave you with a flat tire LOL.

I’m taking the hit on my app (telemedicine) to redo using Tabs.

I hide the tab menu with css / leaving the hamburger and back (in some places).

I have flows in my app driven by increments (click a button, add 1, changes visibility). That works really nicely…

But things can get complex fast, especially if you need to drive things through rel inline lists and ‘view details’. Very hard to manage and update (I’ve got complex live data with lots of columns in a row so it’s annoying to recreate).

I now do many actions as ‘navigate to tab’, keeping functionality and screen logic in specific tabs. Users can get to these tabs directly as the tab menu isn’t there :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I think so. I have been working on it and then adding a sheet when I couldn’t relate something for a reason and now it seem I have so many columns I don’t know where anything goes anymore. So trying not to rethink recreating an app with all the data I have…

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Right?! I have seemed to have “columned” myself into problems I can’t get out of. As I am still learning and have an awesome workable app for me… but want to update it so there are user specific fields and then I am trying to navigate how to go pro and sell the app and then update things on an admin side for certain items…