Use a different spreadsheet

I wish to duplicate an App but use a new spreadsheet, is this possible? I can only see ‘keep same sheet’ or ‘copy the sheet’

Thank you, Jeanette

If you want to duplicate the app, then copy the spreadsheet. Then delete whatever data you don’t need in the new app. Can’t have a blank spreadsheet, otherwise there wouldn’t be any data to create the app!

Thanks Robert

So when I’ve deleted all the data it will prompt me to select another spreadsheet? I already have another spreadsheet with new data in it. Just didn’t want to create a new app with 2020 data in it

Jeanette Davies

I see what you mean. No…it won’t prompt you. This isn’t yet a feature (selecting a new sheet). So, do a copy, and then sheet by sheet, copy the new spreadsheet into the old making sure the columns line up/are named exactly the same. Otherwise, your components/tabs will be deleted in the new app.

Ah ok, too risky doing that as I have data populating from a google form constantly. I can see disaster written all over that haha.

I won’t be lazy and just create a new app.

Thanks heaps for your help

Jeanette Davies