All the page components get deleted after sheet change

Dear all,

I’m not sure if that’s considered as a bug, but I’m experiencing an annoying situation. When I create a whole page with quite a lot of components, and I realize (sometimes) that the initial sheet is wrong, and then I change it, my whole page gets deleted and I then have to recreate it from scratch which is really annoying.

For certified experts and mods out there, if that’s not a bug but considered as a “normal action” please do not hesitate to move this topic to the #feature-requests category. Many thanks !

When you say “change”, do you mean you’re changing the source Sheet?


I think that’s the expected behaviour. Let’s say you build components tied to Sheet A, then when you change to Sheet B, Glide does not know which column to link those components too anymore, hence a complete reset.

In a certain way, it’s good that when you select a specific source sheet, you get all the data from your sheet with the appropriate components. That help is appreciated. However when you create components based on source sheet A and the you realise that you should have used sheet B, it’s a shame that when you change it the whole components disappears and that you have to start from scratch.

Hope that you’ve got my point.

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