Reused Emails for users

I am trying to figure this out, my company uses the same email for everyone like and and so on. For instance. Tina has then she gets fired. A week later John has as his user email.

Will Tina still be able to log back in with her old email address? I know its an odd question. TIA

Do you need to keep Tina’s data for the next users, like sort of a handover? If it’s a no then I guess you can delete the user and tell the new owner to login again to start a new profile.

Ok. I do not need her data. But I just do not want her to be able to log back in after I remove her.

Thank you @ThinhDinh

What about manually changing the email address in the Glide Table or Google Sheet? This would log her out and then her email is no longer on your allowed list, but her data would remain in your Table/Sheet. (Presuming it’s a private app.)

Fyi, there’s an option to delete user’s data from the database. I have not tried it before, but would work in your case.

Thank you both for your responses. I should be fine because she will be out of the system and will have to 2-factor authenticate once John starts. I really appreciate all of the help.

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