Excluding Emails - User profiles

Hello Glide community,

I have a specific question regarding user-profiles and the login information. Is there any way for them to type in their name and job title as their unique profile info? or is the email a non-work around when creating a specific user profile?

I did think about this but if their name is bob and job title is manager then there is potential for issues. Could be 3 bobs who are managers. With email at least it eliminates that issue. Just my humble opinion

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Yea I thought about that and i’d like for it to be first and last name. Either way each business will just be a small mom and pop with roughly 25 employees. and the chances of someone having the same first and last name is highly unlikely.

How are they gonna get the PIN# without providing an email?

Is there no way to turn that off or get a sms pin?

Also, Is there no way to add additional boxes to ask so their profile is created from the load screen not once they get into the app?

None that I’m aware of… yet. I don’t have any insight what might be around the bend either.

This would be a great feature request: https://features.staging.glideapp.io/

Simply put, no. I wonder why you are not using email? Just curious.

All of the users of the apps will be employees at businesses like coffee shops and restaurants. Not very many of them will have a business email and I don’t want them to use their email (if they even use one) But everyone will have a phone and need a phone to access the app.

Can’t you have a public app?

I need to track the actions of each specific user without them having to type that information in each time in something like a form.

I see, a bit of a challenge then. Recommend that they get an email account :slight_smile: sorry I can’t recommend an alternative. Wish you well with your app