Unique User ID that will not change for an anonymous user

Unique User ID that will not change for an anonymous user, some kind of encrypted mixup of IP and device ID, that will help a lot writing public Apps, like remembering choices, creating special messages, games… etc
right now what we have is, Unique User ID which actually is an Action ID, deferent every time is applied

You can use RowID in your profiles tab, those don’t change.

By anonymous user, do you mean someone who does not sign in?

You can have anonymous users who sign in, using the ‘hide emails’ option. The anonymous email is a unique, anonymous user ID. It’s also a good practice to use Row IDs on your user profiles table for this.

i’m talking about people who don’t want to sign in at all, just to assign to them ID, so when they come back from same device they can continue where they left, Row ID doesn’t track that

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Ah, that would be great! And so would the ability to read the device they’re on, browser, etc.

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that might be a bridge of privacy lol
but to have anonymous ID that it keeps same for user would great, i know people can sign in with face email, but im talking about people who dont wanna sign in with anything, just to see first what app is all about, and if they like it they can sign in

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